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Maverick Musing is a sustainable jewellery brand created by Kashope Williams, designer and creative based in London. Inspired by recycling and up-cycling in fashion, Maverick Musing jewellery is one of a kind, one off pieces made from a combination natural crystal beads, gemstones, sterling silver, silver-plated, bronze and metal wires with repurposed vintage, second hand and antique jewellery.
As a grassroots business, we are inspired to take a holistic approach to The Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s theories on designing out waste and the Circular Economy, and we want you, our customer to recycle your unworn, broken or forgotten jewellery with us.
With reuse and recycling at the heart of our manifesto, Maverick Musing’s designs are organically inspired by Kash’s love of deconstructed fashion, redesigning as well as nature and her many travels.
Our values come from a desire to create beauty and aspirations to help preserve our planet. Maverick Musing works to be socially, environmentally, economically and ethically sustainable.

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