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Be a Maverick Recycler!

Be part of the Maverick Musing Recycling Community.

Be a part of our sustainable story. Recycle your unwanted and broken jewellery.

We are inspired to take a holistic approach to The Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s theories on designing out waste and the Circular Economy, and we want to champion you, our customer to recycle your unworn, broken or forgotten jewellery with us.

With reuse and recycling at the heart of our manifesto, Maverick Musing’s designs are organically inspired what we source in a conscious way. We source second hand, recycle from our customers and source recycled materials.

 We all have a jewellery box full of unworn trinkets, and if those things have no more sentimental value, and now you can see them made into new beautiful things. Maverick Musing aims to make jewellery circular, and retell the story behind each piece we make. We want to help you recycle and upcycle your broken and unwanted jewellery.

Find out how to become a Maverick Recycler Here.


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