• Ahwa Habeeb

Get to know more about: Circular Economy

This week is Circular Economy Week 2021 here in London with ReLondon and partners holding a number of events, talks and workshops. #CEweekLDN.

At Maverick Musing, we really focus our values on forward-thinking ethical theories which are built on more circular methods. One is known as circular economy. Our designs are handmade from recycled and second hand materials and constructed with the ability to reuse and rework in the future. Our jewellery can be worn for a lifetime as well as remade again and again.

What is circular economy?

Circular economy is a system that works to eliminate waste, pollution and the continuous use of resources. It aims to prevent environmental destruction and move towards reusing existing materials and renewable energy sources. A circular system of production is much more sustainable in the long run compared to the current system we have, which uses raw materials in inefficient ways.