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Deadstock Vintage: Collection II

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

What is Deadstock Vintage, you may ask? The name is as simple as these wearable styles. This collection combines a selection of vintage c.1965-1985 sterling silver charms, with 18k gold plated jewellery made in the 90s. Sourced from UK jewellery suppliers, I have created a small first drop which mixes these two metals, creating easy to wear styles, available on Maverick Musing's shop and on IG @maverickmusing.

The Deadstock Vintage Collection

Sterling Vintage Charms

Many of the charms were made between 1965 and 1985 when sterling silver charm bracelets were really popular, including Nuvo and Chim charms. They are all sterling 925 silver. My supplier has been trading in jewellery for 30 years and all the charms have been tested for purity. Not all are marked as the hallmarking act allows for items of silver under 7 grams to be exempt from hallmarking which is common for charms from this time.

When you look at a sterling silver charm, you know, as they are detailed and high quality. There is so much beauty in each charm. They’re all different and individual, many have moving, mechanical or kinetic parts. As the silver charms are old, they have a beautiful patina, which shows their age and gives them a beautiful vintage effect that is often imitated by oxidisisation.

...On 18k gold plated necklaces

Upcycling Fashion jewellery made in England by costume jewellers WEST prior to 1999, to create complete jewellery pieces. Some of this deadstock jewellery was sold in BHS and other chains. This new and unworn vintage jewellery has a timeless aesthetic and is great for layering.

Mixing silver and gold was once taboo but Maverick Musing means unorthodox train of thoughts! Show some metal unity by simply mixing silver and gold. You probably have some silver and gold charms and chains in your jewellery box. Have a play at layering what you have and see what you can add to your mix.

Barely Upcycled: Earrings

Simple yet stunning statements. I wish to preserve this collection of vintage sterling charms so each mix and match earring is originally from a charm bracelet. There are many unique styles to choose from. Small and light make a perfect pair of odd silver earrings.