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It Started With A Jewellery Box...

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

It started with a jewellery box. They don’t make them like that anymore. It’s the type of thing you can only find in a vintage or second-hand shop these days. It was an opulent, white, mother-of-pearl, rectangular box with a gorgeous cloisonné flower detail on its lid. It was significant, heavy and full. It was my mother's and inside there was plenty of her mother's, my grandmother’s pieces. That’s my first memory of jewellery: gleaming gold, plenty of pearls, chunky necklaces, clip-ons that are now vintage, and gold plated costume jewellery. 

Thinking about my Grandma always reminds me of the Prince song, ‘Raspberry Beret’ because of his line about ‘a second-hand store’. She would always be wearing a woolly cardigan of some sort too. She had so many, all so colourful, knobbly, soft, and warm; she was naturally so warm. Being born in Nigeria and living in London, she loved her woolly cardigans and colour co-ordinated berets. She’s definitely one of my first style inspirations, and I think my love for second-hand clothes and jewellery has much to do with her. Her creative ability to combine Iro & Buba (Yoruba traditional wear) with what is now vintage fashion, made her truly unique. 

This connection has meant that jewellery is incredibly close to my heart and that jewellery box is one of my clearest childhood memories. Since I can remember, I have bought second-hand first and over 80% of my closet is vintage and preloved. Over the years I have been able to support many positive causes by buying jewellery and clothes. My ‘closet consumer choices’ have been spent mainly with charities and independently-run vintage, thrift and consignment shops too. This way of buying and selling into the second-hand market has made me see the value of rare and incredible clothing and jewellery.

My passion for looking for uniquely beautiful things has meant that after my fashion design degree, I have spent much of my career working in second-hand and vintage shops. I also love mending, recreating and imagining all the beautiful stories that these items might inspire in the people wearing them. It’s like when you people-watch in the park, imagining the rich inner lives of the people you see. To the outside world I probably look like a magpie, but tinkering with my quirky jewellery menagerie has kept me creative. I hope to impart my love and showcase the beauty of the sustainable and old to as many as I can.

With that in mind, I’m creating a new jewellery box. Not just full of things that mean something to me but combinations of things that mean lots to many people. Recycling and upcycling from you to create new beauty and meaning in each piece of jewellery I make. I want to share this jewellery box with you, for you to contribute to it and take something from it. I want you to let the pieces that have lost their significance for you find a new life in new pieces for new people. And equally, for you to forge new memories and add new chapters to new unique Maverick Musing designs. I think this is the true beauty of circularity and upcycling - the connection it creates. I hope you find beautiful connections with the jewellery I create and feel beautiful wearing them.

Love and Light,

Kash x

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Special Thanks to Ben Plumb for editing my words and helping me share my musings.

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