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Jewellery Giveaway Jewellers: Part II

Here's Part II of the fifty jewellers from around the world who's jewellery was won buy those who donated to the Support UK Black Jeweller Hardship Fund:

26. Maya Magal

Maya Magal crafts modern jewellery by hand. Whether a birthstone charm or a mixed-metal ring, all our pieces are designed by our founder, Maya, and then handmade in small batches by skilled artisans. Maya spent years learning her craft in Hatton Garden, before opening up a workshop and creative studio where her contemporary designs come to life. Today in our three shops across London, we invite customers to experiment and play with our designs. As far as we’re concerned, rings are made for stacking, necklaces for layering and silver and gold for mixing.

27. Hannah Weston

Most of the jewellery in Hannah Weston's collection is crafted by hand from scratch using silver wire or sheet. Some pieces are cast (copied) in silver from a piece of wax carved into a shape by hand, these pieces are hand finished. Some designs have gemstones or pearls and these are always genuine and natural.

28. Ellie Air Jewellery

Lauren Davidson founded Ellie Air in 2013 to revive the lost art of the Family Jeweller. She began her training as a jewellery apprentice in Cambridge, later advancing her skills at Central St Martins in London and working for an established brand in New York City. During her time at the renowned Alchimia school in Florence Lauren discovered a passion for the Italian language and to this day all her collections are given romantic Italian names.

Ellie Air, originally based in East London, relocated to the Jurassic Coast in 2019. Every piece of Ellie Air jewellery is designed and hand-crafted by Lauren and her team in Dorset, England. Beautiful precious gemstones and unique diamonds are hand-selected to meet your vision of the perfect jewellery piece, with an ever-present commitment to quality and ethics.

29. Darcy and Jazz

Carol Cole is the owner and designer of Darcy & Jazz Jewellery. Her background started out in a completely different sector. Working as PA to board level TV and Radio MD and VPs, she felt that something was missing and felt her creative urges needed a platform. Enrolling on a course at Lambeth College in Vauxhall in 2006-07 she completed the NCFE Level 1 and Level 2 Certificate in Creative Craft in Jewellery. This gave her the foundation to continue her new passion to continue learning and develop and hone her craft. Carol went on to become a student at Flux Jewellery School in Camberwell, a thriving creative community where she continued to develop her skills. The desire to own something more exclusive and bespoke continues that passion in Darcy & Jazz Jewellery. Everything is handmade by Carol in her home studio with access to a studio space in south London. Working mostly in sterling silver and precious/semi-precious stones.

Carol is inspired by her African and Jamaican culture, fashion, music, nature, art and what it means to be a black woman in this world.

30. Eclectic Eccentricity

Your Eclectic Eccentricity pieces are made here in our Norwich, UK, studio by our skilled team of jewellers. Furthering careers within the local area and fostering a sense of community with other like-minded businesses around us is a core principle of EE Jewellery. Your jewellery is made in house and shipped directly from us, to you.

But our sense of community isn't just local. Here at Eclectic Eccentricity, we're a small company made up entirely of women. Being in the UK, we have the privileged position of having resources readily available to us which enable a female-run business to flourish and thrive. We want all women, all over the world, to have the same opportunities.

With this is mind, we're incredibly proud to be supporting a charity that is so very close to the EE heart: Women for Women International, a charity dedicated to supporting marginalised women in countries affected by war and conflict. We currently sponsor three women through the Women for Women International year long training programmes.

31. Fox & Bond

Fox & Bond is a Los Angeles based jewelry brand founded by Blair Fox and Sunny Bond. It has quickly become the go-to for antique and vintage jewelry among style stars and jewelry lovers alike. Fox & Bond’s mission since their 2015 launch has been to create a fresh, new way to see and appreciate antique jewellery. Their goal is to show that antique is modern and mixing old and new is the ultimate in individuality. The designs, styles, and materials of antique jewelry transcends trends and are a timeless and tangible form of history to carry with you everyday.

An intimately owned and operated business, Fox & Bond Jewelry is hand selected by Blair Fox and Sunny Bond, jewelry lovers and Gemologists, co-founders and friends.

32. Palmworks

The name Palmworks is simple in its meaning : it conveys the nature by which each piece of jewellery is made by hand and offered out to the world.

Certain themes run through our seasonless collection. Moons & snake forms present themselves as symbols of change & renewal. The coins in our Renewed Collection have been re-purposed so that they can take on a new form and a new value to the wearer. The gold used for our serpent studs has been made from trade waste which has been recycled. This in itself supports the notion of transition to a new state.

33. Samantha Tea

Franco Cambodian jewellery designer Samantha Tea is the creative force behind her eponymous brand. The line speaks to the thoughtful woman who is looking to collect unique pieces. Exuding an aesthetic that is equal parts form and fantasy, the designer draws inspiration from the intrinsic beauty of materials, her love for Astronomy and shapes in everyday life. An intuitive individual armed with the global sensibilities that comes with extensive travel, Samantha’s inquisitive nature and constant quest for beauty is flawlessly mirrored in her designs. She uses the finest materials to give her pieces a forever feel, and when designing Samantha aims to create wearable jewels that will stand the test of time and represent a meaningful story for the wearer.

34. IO Collective

Jenifer Thai, owner, and artist at IO Collective—a company that is all about using ethically-sourced precious and semi-precious gemstones and refined metals to handcraft whimsical and uniquely-designed fine jewelry. She designs each piece to tell a story—be it for an engagement, anniversary, the redesign of a family heirloom or something else equally engaging.

She left Finance to venture into the world of goldsmithing and apprenticed in her homes state, California, which ultimately led to the birth of IO Collective. After apprenticeship, Jenifer, went on to get an Associate Jewelry Professional Certificate from the Gemological Institute of America and is currently finishing a Graduate Gemologist degree. Jenifer spends days immersed in metals and stones, creating beautiful, meaningful, timeless pieces that she hopes will be worn for decades and passed down by generations.

35. Laura Gravestock

Luxury British jewellery brand Laura Gravestock Jewellery was founded in 2009 by designer and owner, Laura Gravestock. Taking inspiration from her surroundings, be it her childhood spent in the Middle East & Spain, or the uber-cool part of East London where she lived for over a decade, Laura creates covetable, luxury jewellery with a playful twist.

Laura splits her design and making time between her studios in central London – in the creative hub that is Cockpit Arts – and Buckinghamshire. Named as one of Professional Jewellers Hot 100 in 2014 and 2011, and a finalist for the UK Jewellery Awards New Designer of the Year 2012, the brand has blossomed since its launch, gaining recognition both within the industry and with its ever increasing loyal customer following. A firm favourite with top fashion press, Laura Gravestock Jewellery regularly appears in publications such as InStyle, Stella, Red, Cosmopolitan, Woman & Home and Grazia and is a favourite amongst the likes of singer Taylor Swift & actress Gwyneth Paltrow, as well as a number of UK celebrities and influencers.

36. Monica Stephenson and Anza Gem

The journey of an ANZA gem is not only a rich story, but also creates a circle of development beginning with fair trade prices paid in East Africa, continued by supporting independent artisans who facet our gems and create our custom jewelry, and ultimately reinvesting 10% of sales to education and other initiatives supporting gem communities. This includes education at the primary level, as well as at the jewelry trade level with vocational schools teaching Africans marketable skills of gem cutting, grading and sorting. Our goal is to have East Africans facet their own gems, design their own jewelry, and fully participate in the global gemstone trade.

37. Carrie Elizabeth

Carrie Elizabeth is a British Jewellery brand designed and based in London, England.

Launched in November 2015, it was founded by Carrie Elizabeth who spent her last 10 years working as a Fashion & Jewellery Buyer for one of the UK’s leading retailers.

Having spent years travelling to New York, Asia and India looking at the worlds most beautiful jewellery, she realised that there were so many brands that she absolutely adored- but simply couldn’t afford!

Spotting a gap in the market, she decided to leave her well established job and take a leap of faith to set up this wonderful brand that could offer stunning designs, but at affordable prices.

Targeting the mid market, the range bridges the gap between ‘fashion’ and ‘fine’ jewellery. Crafted in either 14k gold vermeil and gold plated brass, our pieces are set with diamonds and semi precious stones giving it a beautiful and timeless finish.

Our pieces are all ethically sourced and handmade in Jaipur India from the finest quality stones.

38. Johnny Hoxton

Johnny Hoxton is a jewellery designer based in London’s legendary jewellery district, Hatton Garden. Following in the footsteps of his father whom was a master craftsman with over 30 years experience, Johnny Hoxton launched his namesake brand after becoming infatuated with the aesthetics of both street culture and luxury items. With the goal of marrying the concepts together and creating an original jewellery brand, the unisex label first came onto the scene when Hoxton created a set of spirited rings that featured his favourite childhood characters, He-Man, Skeletor and Mr T. Johnny Hoxton jewellery ranges from his signature signet rings, necklaces and bracelets to whistles and grills that are made from sterling silver or solid gold with the use of artisanal techniques.

39. Aylee and Co

Aylee & Co. is exclusive artisan jewelry handmade in Portland, Oregon by Aylee Cody. Aylee & Co. is a collection of jewelry featuring precious gems and metals inspired by 1920's architecture, classic shapes and the juxtaposition of opposing forces. Each piece is made locally in Portland by designer/metalsmith, Aylee Cody. Aylee employs traditional metalsmith techniques, uses repurposed metals when possible and is committed to purchasing materials from socially responsible vendors.

40. Carrie Armstrong

Carrie Armstrong currently works a bench studio in the Pacific Northwest on the family bench of Karl Lee Big Sur combing over 50 years of original artisan jewelry. Each Carrie Armstrong piece is individually created in studio and approached with the idea of unique high quality studio jewelry over anything manufactured or mass produced. Emphasis in craftsmanship, metal form, texture, contrast and accentuation through artful design are found throughout as design influences.

41. Roxanne First

Roxanne First Is A London-Based Fine Jewellery Studio. Obsessively Crafted In Solid Gold, Roxanne First's Pieces Are Designed For Everyday Wear And Timeless Individuality. Build Your Jewellery Legacy, One Piece At A Time. Roxanne First jewellery, uses conflict-free, ethical diamonds chosen from handpicked suppliers whom we visit personally, ensuring every piece is made from responsibly sourced materials.

42. Tom Foolery Jewellery

An established family business, Tomfoolery was conceived in 1994 by husband and wife duo Nicki & Peter Kay. In 2013 their daughter Laura grew up working in the boutique during her holidays and weekends, capitalised on her experience working at fashion giant Hermes and within the world of photography, and assumed the helm. Laura’s progressive aspirations combined with her creative flair for fashion retail catalysed a new era for the brand, and she was quick to introduce the online shop and refresh the Tomfoolery scope for each designer to work competitively both online and within the gallery. After observing a demand for alternative bridal she introducedMuse by Tomfoolery which is an 18ct collection and is supported by an annual wedding showcase and wedding atelier in the gallery. In 2015 Laura then launchedMétier by Tomfoolery which was the birth of demi-fine; affordable, delicate, 9ct gold jewellery designed to be self-styled and interchangeable for every day.

43. Michelle Oh

Michelle Oh was born in Jakarta, Indonesia. She trained in jewellery design at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, London. Her eponymous brand was established in 2011.

Michelle specialises in creating unique alternative engagement and wedding rings for modern lovers. Special attention is given to the selection of natural gemstones used, particularly diamonds and sapphires in interesting shapes and cuts. Tired of fast consumer fashion and trends, Michelle seeks instead to make timeless pieces imbued with meaning. Each Michelle Oh bespoke ring is unique to the wearer, future heirlooms that are designed to celebrate those special moments you only come across once in a lifetime.

44. Untold Jewellery

Untold is a fine jewellery brand that seeks to introduces a little contemporary twist, showcasing both modern and traditional craftsmanship. Liz the founder is equally passionate about interesting but elegant minimal design as she is about sustainability.

All materials are responsibly sourced where possible; Untold is Fairtrade registered. Liz also loves to use recycled, reclaimed materials, diamonds and gemstones. Additionally she continually works with clients to retell the story of inherited jewellery; redesigning the pieces so they live another chapter.

45. Jenny Llewellyn

Jenny Llewellyn is an award winning, contemporary jewellery designer-maker based at Cockpit Arts in Holborn, London. Inspired by the luminous colours, shapes and movement of underwater life, Jenny’s work is characterised by handcrafted, organic forms of precious metals combined with vibrant bursts of silicone.

Jenny’s practice is driven by experimentation. Experimentation with colour and experimentation with material, combining precious with non-precious, to create tactile and fun pieces, available in the full spectrum of colours, from discreet pops of monochrome, to full statement colour-fades.

Central to Jenny’s practice is her pioneering use of silicone. Often mistaken for glass or plastic, silicone is surprisingly soft, light and durable, resulting in unique and wearable contemporary jewellery design – a celebration of colour!

46. Alex Monroe

30 years in the making, Alex Monroe jewellery is synonymous with a very British sense of style. It is feminine, delicate and quirky, but above all consistently wearable. Now a much loved brand world-wide, each and every piece is individually designed and handmade in England by Alex and his team of expert jewellers. Inspired by nature and nostalgia, every piece has a tale to tell…and the story continues with you. The brand ,inspired by nature, is committed to making sure their work has little impact on the environment and it’s people. They use recycled materials as much as possible including, gold, silver, paper and plastics.

47. Studio Mistry

Drawing stylistic inspiration from inked illustrations and futuristic visuals, Studio Mistry seeks to challenge the imagination by thinking about the tomorrows rather than the yesterdays, creating progressive, forward-looking jewellery. Using both the old & traditional and the new & refined in their production techniques. Most pieces are made and finished entirely by hand - unapologetic about their origins making it easy to trace their journey, from solder seams to burn and file marks. They also occasionally design and produce using computer aided design and manufacture, with all pieces always hand finished. Balancing the traditional with the tech, Studio Mistry aims to create a design ethic that embraces the best of the past and future.

48. Morgan Patricia

Morgan Patricia Designs is the creation of LA-based jewelry designer, Carlie Matthews. Her organic line of handcrafted jewelry is endlessly inspired by memories of growing up on the sunny beaches of New Jersey, south Florida, and dreams of faraway tropical lands. She believes that personal style is truly an expression of your imagination, with hers stemming from having spent the better part of her childhood exploring the shoreline & swimming in the surf in search of magical treasures; gifts from the sea. Morgan Patricia Designs exudes timeless luxury with a focus on one of a kind pieces and delicate staples for all women, both young and young at heart alike. The line is created with a little bit of sunshine and ocean vibes, through the lost wax casting method using recycled metals and ethically sourced natural, raw, and polished gemstones in downtown, Los Angeles.

49. Kirstie Maclaren

After studying at The London College of Fashion, Kirstie then completed a jewellery degree on a prestigious course at Middlesex University. Although constantly drawn to the iconic, geometric, Brutalist architecture of her home town, London, she often escapes the city to France when she can, to explore Modernist, historic wonders of buildings, created by pioneers of the movement. Also drawn to the luxuriousness of Art Deco, she has encompassed all of these design influencers and passions into her own jewellery. Being very passionate about the construction of her jewellery, all pieces are made by hand, by Kirstie herself in her north London studio.

50. Maverick Musing

Maverick Musing Jewellery, created by Me. While I do not know Kassandra, I do understand the difficulty faced with being restricted in your creativity due to lack of support whether that support is access, mentorship or financial. Ultimately creating a grant for UK Black Jewellers means that there is more opportunity for Black jewellery to thrive in their craft. I support this. I am very proud to be apart of such a tribe.

Thanks for reading. A note all jewellers mentioned in this post, please contact me if any details need changing.

This Musing was written to celebrate the events, and it is not endorsed or sponsored.

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