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Customise Your Jewellery Box

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

Do you have broken trinkets in your jewellery box that you can't let go? Whether it's nostalgia, wanderlust, sentiment or just how beautiful and unique a piece it is, we all have those items in our jewellery box that though we don't wear, we will keep forever.

An easy way you can become a more conscious and sustainable customer is to extend the life and wearability of something you already own. We have our Maverick Musing Jewellery Community page for those who want to recycle and clear space for new. But also, if you have pieces you simply want to recreate or repair, we can help you.

Whether turning a necklace into a charm bracelet or personalising some pearls, we understand not every unworn item in your jewellery box is something you want to recycle, so book a consultation to discuss redesigning your items now.

Please submit a Design Request form, located at the bottom our Shop Page to start.



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