• Kashope

Meanings in Names

A definition of Maverick Musing is independent minded or unorthodox thought. My dad is the original inspiration behind the name because he has always labelled me a rebel with no cause. When I chose fashion design as a degree, instead of going the academic route my Nigerian parents expected me to, I felt conflicted in my work. Even I couldn’t understand why the world needed more fashion designers. I am currently in a pivotal time during my Master's at Goldsmiths University, and all I can say is it is highly maverick that during the past few months, I have chosen to create the ethical jewellery brand of my dreams, rather than buckling down to writing my dissertation. Being a part of the Creative and Cultural Entrepreneurship MA, I am hoping that some of my work with Maverick Musing, not only proves to be a success with you my readers and customers, but it will amount to a creative body of work that I can submit for my masters project too.

Sustainability - and its meanings - has grown massively in the last few years and affects so much more than just fashion or jewellery. I hope to unpack this loaded word and breakdown the various ways we can all be sustainable. I doubt I will be saying anything new or revolutionary, but I think it's important to highlight and share the research, work, and knowledge that is out there. The whole planet is affected by the social, environmental, and ethical issues, the fashion industry causes and there have been so many publications and theories developed on sustainable fashion. I have learnt so much from pioneers and mavens such as Fashion Revolution, Eco-Age, Mistra Future Fashion, The Global Fashion Agenda, Fashion For Good, The New Fashion Initiative, and Remake, who inspire me to create this work.

For nostalgia's sake, I thought I'd share some snapshots of my BA Fashion portfolio, named Maverick Musing, all the garments were made from dead-stock fabrics or upcycled garments. In light of the recent awakening to the systemic racism and issues with inequality faced all over the world, I have been reading, learning, listening, debating, unlearning, writing, sharing, not sharing and mainly, I have been staying positive, I hope you have too. Looking back at this work recently made me