• Kashope

Summer of Sustainability: Slow Fashion

To celebrate my joining Remake as an Ambassador and to mark the beginning of Summer, I want to write about sustainability in fashion and jewellery. That's a really fundamental part of who I am, why Maverick Musing exists, and so I want to share and learn with you. I recently read an article by and it inspired me to muse over ‘slow’ fashion as the start of the sustainable fashion series. My first jewellery collection was 100% upcycled and recycled from a collection of seconds hand beads and jewellery. The findings used, I purchased as deadstock from other jewellery makers. My second collection is almost ready, a combination of deadstock jewellery that was made in England in the 90's, recycled beads and broken bracelets and vintage silver charms. Some of the deadstock is beautiful, so Maverick Vintage Jewellery is born, in order to preserve perfectly beautiful vintage jewellery, some items will be sold as is.

During the Covid-19 lockdown, most retailers shut and though online shopping soared, we have all been given a chance to slow down and really look at what and why we do and buy. Now that lockdown has ended, shops have begun to reopen, and high street brands are competing. Sales are on and prices are being slashed, discounted stock leaves the question, who's paying the True Cost for your fast fashion?

Before the pandemic, fast fashion supported many workers who were not well-paid in the first place. Brands, on mass, have cancelled and postponed orders, leaving millions of garment and factory workers from LA to Bangladesh without wages, and a way to feed their families. In response, Remake launched a petition on March 30th demanding brands #PayUp and