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The Fair Luxury Pledge: I’m working on it!!

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

It is with a lot of joy that I announce Maverick Musing is a part of the inaugural 100, it is such a great honour to pledge in association with Fair Luxury. Our pledge is number 73.

I pledge to:

1. Use recycled materials in Maverick Musing jewellery.

2. Educate customers.

3. Pay the Maverick Musing team more than the national living wage.

4. Use sustainable and or recycled packaging.

What is the motivation for taking the Pledge?

When I started MM, I wanted to create a sustainable business and so everything I have made thus far has been secondhand. A year has gone by and after completing a course at British Academy of Jewellery, taking mentorship from some of the original innovators of sustainable jewellery in the UK (thank you so much Lebrusan Studio), my understanding of the jewellery industry, business and the art of jewellery design have reinforced my values and also taught me a lot that I didn’t know when I started Maverick Musing (or even 2 months ago).

The team at Maverick Musing has been busy training, learning and developing not just the brand and social media but also educational blogs to help you too, to understand more about where the materials in the jewellery you wear come from. I am looking forward to expanding my suppliers to other recycled, fair trade and fair mined metal and gemstones vendors and am working on understanding just how damaging extractivism is and has been socially and environmentally.

We are not perfect nor will we ever be, we currently practice slow and sustainable fashion, sporadically releasing small batches of hand-strung designs from recycled, second hand and vintage gemstones and pearls. This uses very little energy to create, so we keep our carbon footprint as low as possible. And this is just the beginning, I will continue to learn more about the jewellery industry, design and provenance, throughout the next 12 months and infinitely after that. I appreciate the network of like minds and the opportunity to reinforce some of my current sustainable practices as well as adding more by taking this pledge. It's the accountability and community for me.

Thank you to all the innovators who c