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  • Ahwa Habeeb

The Sustainable Development Goals

Maverick Musing's values are inspired by the circular economy and the Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle Approach. By developing circular designs, promoting environmental awareness and always looking forward to collaboration with others doing the work towards making the world more sustainable and protecting our earth, we hope to make our impact a positive one.

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), support this, and were developed to achieve an ideal sustainable future. 17 intertwined goals outline the global issues we face such as poverty, equality, peace and justice - challenging them to define a better world for us to live in.

The SDGs of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development were put in place with global intention by world leaders at the UN Summit in 2015. In order to achieve all SDGs by 2030 and move towards sustainable living, it is pertinent that all nations and industries take part in making a change.

The complete list of SDGs is as follows:

No Poverty: To end poverty, everyone should have basic healthcare, security and education.

  1. Zero Hunger: Globally, one in nine people are undernourished. This goal aims to end hunger.

  2. Good Health: Ensuring people live healthy lives can cut child mortality and raise life expectancy.

  3. Education: The UN wants everyone to have access to inclusive, equitable quality education.

  4. Gender Equality: Gender equality is a human right, and is vital for a peaceful, prosperous world.

  5. Clean Water: Clean water protects people from disease, yet three in 10 people lack access to it.

  6. Clean Energy: Targets for 2030 include using more renewable, affordable energy.

  7. Economic Growth: The aim is for sustainable economic growth and decent employment for all.

  8. Industry and Infrastructure: This involves building resilient infrastructure and fostering innovation.

  9. No Inequality: The poorest 40 per cent of the population should be able to grow their income faster than average.

  10. Sustainability: The UN wants to increase affordable housing and make settlements inclusive, safe and sustainable.

  11. Responsible Consumption: This goal aims to foster eco-friendly production, reduce waste and boost recycling.

  12. Climate Action: Urgent action is needed, by regulating emissions and promoting renewable energy.

  13. Life Underwater: The aim is to conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas and marine resources.

  14. Life on Land: To stop degradation, we must preserve forest, desert and mountain ecosystems.

  15. Peace and Justice: The aim is inclusive societies with strong institutions that provide justice for all.

  16. Partnership: If all countries are to achieve the goals, international cooperation is vital.