Sporty Gal Charm

Sporty Gal Charm


For those who enjoy physical education.


Simple easy-to-wear vintage jewellery.

Made of solid silver, this is a 3 piece sports themed charm. The joined pendents are a Bat, Racket, and Hockey Stick in solid 925 silver, all on a closed sterling silver jump ring.


Size: 25 x 20  mm


Vintage sterling silver mechanical charm (c.1965-1985)

90s made 21 inch gold plated box chain chain. 

Spring ring closure style. 

British made vintage


Read more about the Deadstock Vintage collection in the Musings.

Maverick Musing jewelry is made in London, from carefully selected recycled jewellery materials. Repurposing old and mixing new elements, we create simple and elegant keepsakes that you will want to wear forever.

Our designs are unique, individual and one of a kind highlighting the quirks, odd shapes, discolouration, and chips that one may find when dealing with vintage and repurposed jewellery.  

The quality of our materials have already passed the test of time and although resistant, the metals, gemstones and crystals we use may be sensitive to their environment. 

To preserve your jewellery over time, please follow these recommendations: 

  • Avoid contact with water, alcoholic, greasy or abrasive substances.

  • Protect your pieces from prolonged exposure to sources of humidity, heat or intense light.

  • Remove your jewelry before activities that might damage it.

  • When you are not wearing your jewelry, store it in its original pouch to prevent any friction and scratches.

  • If needed, clean your jewelry by rubbing it gently with a soft, dry cloth.

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