Be a Maverick Recycler!

Be a part of our sustainable story. Recycle your unwanted and broken jewellery.

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Send us your story and recycle your jewellery.


One woman’s trash is another woman’s treasure.


It’s a cliché but so true.


Maverick Musing aims to make jewellery circular, and to retell the story behind each piece we make. 

We want to help you recycle and upcycle your broken and unwanted jewellery. 

To be part of the Maverick Musing Recycling Community, follow the steps below:

  1. Take a photo of the jewellery you wish to recycle.

  2. If you can please write a couple of lines about how this piece of jewellery came into your life, and what it has meant to you.

  3. You will receive an email with postage addresses and postage instructions (don’t worry we will take care of postage costs, just send us a photo of your receipt). 

  4. Once your jewellery has been received, you will digitally receive your Maverick Musing gift card.

  5. Shop our website to find your next unique keepsake using your gift card.

  6. Stay tuned to see all the new pieces that will be made from your recycled jewellery.





The fine print:

The value of your gift card will be based on what you send, and you will know the Gift card amount after sending the pictures in the first email. 

You can at any point refuse or discontinue the process until the jewellery is posted.

Once your jewellery is posted there are no returns.

Once the  jewellery has been received, we will check that the jewellery matches the photos and from there you will receive your unique digital gift card.